The rise of the millennial booker

With many decision makers in the corporate events market now ‘millennials’, the most connected generation in history, it’s no surprise their tech-savvy tendencies are having a noticeable effect on sector. Jonathan Hazle, general manager, Team Challenge Company, looks at the implications

Millennials are the generation of 20 to 30 somethings, generally including those born between 1980 and 1995. Known for being tech savvy, millennials are the first generation to grow up totally immersed in digital technology and a Google study shows those aged 18-37 account for almost half of B2B decision makers.

This influential group expect to be able to interact with products and services in a digital way; from ordering dinner and dating to incorporating ‘Twitterwalls’, apps and digital games at their corporate events.

For the corporate events market, we see the rise of the millennial booker as being behind the growing demand for events with a digital twist. And there are many ways to include digital elements at events, from live tweeting Q&As and using virtual reality to allow delegates to explore new products to networking using digital games.

Digital gamification, one of the latest trends in corporate events, is the art of applying the competitive elements of a game to routine tasks. In the past four years, we have recorded a 400% increase in company’s choosing a digital gaming experience over more traditional teambuilding activities. The trend also appears to be affecting both large multinationals and small independent retailers. Team Challenge Company clients, including the tax, audit and consulting firm RSM UK, RBS, GlaxoSmithKline and PepsiCo, have all been quick to see the benefits of bringing events and team building activities into the digital age. 

Digital gamification provides a welcome respite from heavy content such as long, drawn-out presentations and can be effective in encouraging commitment to tasks at hand. Importantly, when taking on these types of challenges, delegates tend to drop social barriers, and develop new skills without even realising it. By enticing friendly competition, a sense of achievement and motivation, all within a fun and relaxed environment, digital gamification takes the formality out of team building exercises, making delegates much more eager to participate. 

Team Challenge Company has been incorporating digital elements into our events for some time. One recent event involved a digital treasure hunt, using the Go Team App, which covered more than 50 miles and more than 100 possible routes. This year, following a deal with leading international team building organisation, Catalyst Global, Team Challenge Company now has access to ten digital team building games, such as Peak Performance, an interactive tablet-based game which requires teams to summit Mount Everest. With the exclusive rights to Catalyst Global products in Scotland, as well as rights to the English market, we will be one of the first UK companies to have access to new digital games as and when they are developed. 

With digital innovations being developed every day, opportunities for the events market are ever increasing. And with the millennial booker’s dominance on the B2B market, the demand for digital gamification is expected to become an established pillar of corporate events for the foreseeable future.