Growing calls for Notting Hill Carnival to be made ticket-only

There are growing calls from the Met to move the Notting Hill Carnival elsewhere and make it a ticket-only event after 31 police officers were attacked during the recent two-day event. They were slashed with broken bottles, spat at, bitten and had an acidic substance thrown at them.

In addition, four people were stabbed, over 300 arrested and dozens of weapons seized. There were fewer arrests than last year's record 454, but there had previously been a three-week security campaign which prevented hundreds from attending.

 Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation representing the capital's 32,000 rank-and-file officers, said at least 31 officers were attacked.

'We cannot carry on like this. It is a disgrace,' he said. 'My brave colleagues were attacked for just doing their job.

'This is not acceptable. What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?' 

There is a growing lobby calling for the carnival to be moved to Hyde Park and made ticket-only to deter opportunist criminals. Changes were first proposed in 2000 when two men were murdered. In 2008 there was a riot.

Mr Marsh said he would be taking the issue up with every level of the Met and the London Mayor's Office.

"Enough is enough," he went on. "Politicians and commanding officers are quick with their platitudes and praise for our members but what we want to see are tangible measures to reduce the number of officers under attack."

 London Mayor Sadiq Khan and other senior politicians support the carnival in its current form.