Showforce stand up to cancer with Princess Productions

When this year’s Stand Up to Cancer fundraising event was held at Central Hall Westminster on 1st October, a team of Showforce’s experienced crew was on-hand to assist with the install and de-rig.

Broadcast live on Channel 4, the show included a mix of comedy, music and celebrity appearances. Presenters Davina McCall, Alan Carr and Adam Hills hosted a seven-hour long telethon that raised an impressive £15,700, 222 for Cancer Research.

Working directly for TV production company Princess Productions Ltd the Showforce team was onsite from 11th – 22nd October. Crew numbers fluctuated between 14 and 56 per day in the run up to the event and de-rig, with 222 crew shifts amassed in total. The crew were tasked with unloading and setting up all equipment onsite, this included: lighting, rigging, set building, video, sound and carrying out show calls.

Split into two main teams for lighting and set building, the crew assisted Aurora and Scott Fleary with different elements of the build. The lighting team worked with Aurora to install lighting and three large LED screens, along with ensuring powerlocks were in place for the electricians. This team also tested the lighting was working correctly, this included a huge chandelier, consisting of small spheres that was hung above the main stage. The crew assigned to Scott Fleary worked on setting up stages and building structures for the main set, both in the venue and on the additional stage constructed on the roof for Bastille to perform. Following the event, they were responsible for the de-rig of stage flats, plinths and steeldeck and loading of trucks, all of which had to be carried out in a tight time frame.

Commenting on the work carried out by Showforce, Katie Joyce, Princess Productions Ltd’s production manager on the project said: “Please thank all of your guys for their hard work on Stand up to Cancer. The load in as you know went very well and the load out went extremely well. The night crew worked incredibly hard to get all the set and a truck full of steeldeck out of the front doors overnight. The day shift followed that up by loading out all of the LX and rigging, clearing the roof stage and then helping us to clear the venue and return it as we found it.”

Chris Martelly, Showforce’s operations director said: “This is one of our favourite jobs of the year, it is for a great cause and working with a long-standing client who we know well. Projects like this allow us to showcase our strengths; the require a diverse range of skills and experience, in relatively large numbers. The breadth and quality of our crew ensures that we are able to meet these requirements and deal with any challenges, such as tight deadlines, with ease.”