Event floral designs for 2018

With over 25 years’ experience decorating events and weddings, Lavender Green Flowers has a reputation for delivering fabulous floral arrangements throughout the year. Christmas is a magical time for parties and events, drawing upon the festive decorations and flowers, however January through to March can often be over-looked. Here Sue Barnes, managing director, and founder, and members of her team, share their ideas for people looking to run an event in the new year or early spring

The start of the year can be a great time to host a party or event, to continue the celebrations and create some new-year cheer.  Sue Barnes, Founder of Lavender Green Flowers, likes to create a dramatic effect in the winter; ‘In January we can work with masses of topiary which we display in beautiful pots. Potted hyacinths, snowdrops, narcissi and muscari also inject an element of spring into even the coldest of winter events.’

Maddie Dawkins, Weddings Manager at Lavender Green Flowers, says; ‘The lure of roaring log fires, atmospheric church candles in glass containers and striking candelabra provides a softer ambience in any venue - shorter days’ mean lighting is imperative. Together with the aroma of flowers mixed spice arrangements, utilising frankincense, cinnamon and the citrus flavours of bergamot, can create romance and charm.’

Alice Groom, Head of Client & Design Projects at Lavender Green Flowers, adds; "A cooler palette of blues, purples and whites is never out of season at this time of year and the frosted, wintry, yet luxurious and velvety flower look is so chic. Choices can be somewhat limited, but Amaryllis, Ranunculas, Hyacinths and Waxflower are my favourites. Contrast these with the deep burgundy, pink and red shades for designs with a rich warm feel and add Celosia and Tulips into the mix. People should also remember the weather is actually on their side for a winter event! It won’t let you down and flowers love the cooler temperatures.’

 Maddie says; ‘Besides floral arrangements, the season lends itself to theatrical wreaths for the door and fireplace. At our store, we love to teach our clients how to put these together over a warming glass of mulled wine and a carol or two!

The foliage-only trend is still storming on and not looking to change in 2018.  I would recommend adding in soft Eucalyptus and Seneccio over the Winter months and as Spring approaches introduce lots of fresh fragrances with herbs like Mint and Lemon Thyme’.

Winter’s harvest provides some excellent produce, and arrangements shouldn’t be restricted to flowers and foliage. Barnes says, ‘Big savoy cabbages, for example, look great mixed in with flowers and foliage. People often want architectural flowers and plants, and at certain times of year (e.g. Feb - March) there can be very few around, so these are good options. Cabbages are like massive peonies, and they look incredible when dusted with a frosting powder. This works for all types of events and weddings, but can be especially effective in the countryside, mixed in with grey/green Seneccio, Eucalyptus or Rosemary foliage. The drama of a large cabbage is a great foil for the more delicate flowers.’

Alice says; ‘For early Spring, I love large displays of fresh green and grey foliage, with fragrant white, lilac and pale blue flowers. Moss is also continuing to play an important part which, when displayed with birch and candles, creates a natural, completely relaxed and effortlessly chic look. Eucalyptus, apple blossom, jasmine and grape hyacinth all look incredible with paper-whites, ‘Honeymoon’ tulips and Hellebores.’

Lavender Green Flowers was founded 27 years ago (in 1990) by Managing Director Sue Barnes, opening originally as a retailer in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Barnes now co-owns the company with her husband, David, and they are based in Windsor and Chelsea, with a fantastic team of forty staff.

The team, which also includes three of Barnes’ children, create beautiful displays which are installed in a matter of moments by their own transport team. Priding themselves in decorating venues in less than two hours, they share a passion for providing the best quality flowers, and most impressive displays for the best possible price. The team prioritises helping clients to establish what their own unique and perfectly individual brief is, and so consultations are extremely creative and imaginative from the outset.